A list of Museums and Art Galleries in the Spain

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A list of Museums and Art Galleries in Catalonia & Barcelona

Catalonia & Barcelona - Museums and Art Galleries in Catalonia & Barcelona, including non-profit art centers and galleries, government entities, and private businesses.

Alt Empordà

Municipal Museum of Cadaqués C / Narciso Monturiol nº15, Cadaqués Telephone: +34 972258877
he Cadaqués Museum is dedicated to artists and pictorial themes that have been or are related to the town and its history. Offer, throughout the year various exhibitions so that visitors can learn more about the culture from Cadaqués.
Dalí Theatre and Museum Plaça Gala i Salvador Dalí, 5, 17600 Figueres, Girona Telephone: +34 972677500
The Dalí Theatre and Museum, is a museum of the artist Salvador Dalí in his home town of Figueres, in Catalonia, Spain. Dalí is buried there in a crypt below the stage.The Dalí Theatre and Museum holds the largest collection of major works by Dalí in a single location. Some of the most important exhibited works are Port Alguer (1924), The Spectre of Sex-appeal (1932), Soft self-portrait with grilled bacon (1941), Poetry of America—the Cosmic Athletes (1943), Galarina (1944–45), Basket of Bread (1945), Leda Atomica (1949), Galatea of the Spheres (1952) and Crist de la Tramuntana (1968).
Museum of the Empordà, Figueres Rambla, 2 17600 Figueres Telephone: +34 972502305
The Museum of the Empordà is an institution focused on researching, preserving and promoting local and regional cultural heritage, with an extensive program of exhibitions and activities. It offers the public a historical overview of its collections and a special space dedicated to contemporary art. The Museum offers educational services and publications, a library and a screening room. The collection includes archaeological works, medieval art and Baroque paintings.
Watercolor Museum. Collection Foundation J.Martínez Lozano Pl. Major - Casa de Cultura 17490 Llançà (L’Alt Empordà) Telephone: +34 972121470
The Watercolour Museum was set up in 1989 at the initiative of the painter J. Martínez Lozano, who donated 100 works to the town council. The museum was created with the goal of making Llança a meeting point for watercolour painting and its enthusiasts, and in order to establish, over time, one of the world's most important watercolour collections.

Baix Camp

Gaudí Centre Plaça del Mercadal, 3, 43201 Reus, Tarragona, Tarragona Telephone: +34 977010670
Gaudí Centre is a museum in Reus, Catalonia, Spain, dedicated to the architect Antoni Gaudí i Cornet, who was born in the city in 1852.

Baix Empordà

Castle of Púbol Gala Dali, s/n, 17120 Púbol, Girona Telephone: +34 972488655
The Castle of Púbol (or Gala Dalí Castle, in Catalan Castell de Púbol or Castell Gala Dalí) is located in Púbol, in the comarca of Baix Empordà, Girona, Catalonia. It was the home to surrealist painter Salvador Dalí and his wife Gala (but not at the same time). Gala is buried at the castle. In 1968, Dalí bought Gala the castle where she would spend time every summer from 1971-1980. He also agreed not to visit there without getting advance permission from her in writing.
Collection Museum of Painting Palau Solterra Carrer de l'Esglesia, 10, 17257 Torroella de Montgrí Telephone: +34 972761976
Palau Solterra is the Fundació Vila Casas Museum of Contemporary Photography (National and International) located in the town of Torroella de Montgrí in the Empordà region of Catalonia. It was opened in 2000. There are presently approximately 200 contemporary photographs on display by artists from around the world.


Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art - Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) Plaça dels Àngels, 1, 08001 Barcelona Telephone: +34 934120810
The permanent collection of around 5,000 works (up from 1,100 works at the time of the museum's opening in 1995) dates from the mid-20th century onward. There are three periods of modern art represented: the first one covers the forties to the sixties; the second spans the sixties and seventies; the third period is contemporary. The collections focus on post-1945 Catalan and Spanish art, although some International artists are also represented.
Museu del Modernisme Català (MMCAT) Carrer de Balmes, 48, 08007 Barcelona Telephone: +34 932722896
According to information provided by the Museu del Modernisme Català (MMCAT) this is the only museum that is dedicated exclusively to Catalan Art Nouveau. The museum, which opened in March 2011, is located in modernist residential and factory buildings built by Eric Santer between 1902 and 1904.
CaixaForum Barcelona Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8, 08038 Barcelona Telephone: +34 934768600
CaixaForum Barcelona is an art gallery in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. It is sponsored by Barcelona bank "la Caixa", and opened in 2002 in a former factory. CaixaForum is located in the Montjuïc area, on Avinguda de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia. The museum houses art exhibits.
Centre d'Art Santa Mònica (CASM) La Rambla, 7, 08002 Barcelona Telephone: +34 935671110
Centre d'Art Santa Mònica (CASM), more commonly abbreviated as Arts Santa Mònica, is a public venue in Barcelona, (Catalonia) opened in 1988, for exhibiting traveling contemporary art.
Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) Carrer de Montalegre, 5, 08001 Barcelona Telephone: +34 933064100
The Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (also known by its acronym, CCCB) is an arts centre in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Situated in the Raval district, the Centre’s core theme is the city and urban culture. The CCCB organizes and produces exhibitions, debates, festivals and concerts; programmes film cycles, courses and lectures; and other activities.
Espai Gaudí (La Pedrera) CASA MILÀ "LA PEDRERA" Passeig de Gràcia, 92. 08008, Barcelona Telephone: +34 902202138
Casa Milà, popularly known as ‘La Pedrera’ (the stone quarry), an ironic allusion to the resemblance of its façade to an open quarry, was constructed between 1906 and 1912 by Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926). For its uniqueness, artistic and heritage value have received major recognition and in 1984 was inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List, for its exceptional universal value.
Fundació Antoni Tàpies Carrer d'Aragó, 255, 08007 Barcelona Telephone: +34 934870315
The Fundació Antoni Tàpies (Catalan pronunciation: [fundəsiˈo ənˈtɔni ˈtapiəs], 'Antoni Tàpies Foundation') is a cultural center and museum, located in Carrer d'Aragó, in Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain), dedicated mainly to the life and works of the painter Antoni Tàpies.
Fundació Joan Miró Parc de Montjuïc, s/n, 08038 Barcelona Telephone: +34 934439470
The Fundació Joan Miró, Centre d'Estudis d'Art Contemporani ("Joan Miró Foundation, Centre of Studies of Contemporary Art") is a museum of modern art honoring Joan Miró located on the hill called Montjuïc in Barcelona, Catalonia.
Fundació Suñol Passeig de Gràcia, 98, 08008 Barcelona Telephone: +34 934961032
The Fundació Suñol is a private non-profit making organization which opens to the public Josep Suñol’s contemporary art collection. At the same time, the foundation promotes the encouragement of the production and diffusion of avant-garde art.
Gaudí House Museum Park Güell, Ctra. del Carmel, 23A, 08013 Barcelona Telephone: +34 932193811
The Gaudí House Museum was the residence of the architect Antoni Gaudí i Cornet (1852-1926) from 1906 to 1925. The building, which was constructed as a show house for the Park Güell residential development project, was designed by Francesc d’Assís Berenguer i Mestres (1866-1914), Gaudí’s friend and right-hand-man.
Gracia Arts Project Carrer de Sant Honorat, 11, 08002 Barcelona Telephone: +34 610880657
Art Gallery in Barcelona. Contemporary Art
Museu de les Arts Decoratives Plaça de les Glories, 37-38, 08014 Barcelona Telephone: +34 932566800
The Museu de les Arts Decoratives, in English Decorative Arts Museum, is a museum opened on 1932 and located in the Palau Reial de Pedralbes in Barcelona. Created in 1932, this historic museum contains a rich and diverse collection of European decorative arts, from the Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution. In 1995, the museum extended its boundaries with the incorporation of design, thus converting it into the first and only statewide museum concerned with the preservation and exhibition of Spanish industrial design.
Museu Barbier-Mueller d'Art Precolombí Carrer de Montcada, 14, 08003 Barcelona Telephone: +34 933104516
The Museu Barbier-Mueller d'Art Precolombí (its local name in Catalan; also known in Spanish: Museo Barbier-Mueller de Arte Precolombino, and in English: Barbier-Mueller Pre-Columbian Art Museum) was the only museum in Europe devoted exclusively to the artistic legacy of the pre-Columbian cultures of the Americas.
Museu Frederic Marès Plaça Sant Iu, 5, 08002 Barcelona Telephone: +34 932563500
The Museu Frederic Marès is an art and sculpture museum in Barcelona. It contains the collection of thousands of items donated to the city by sculptor Frederic Marès.
National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) Palau Nacional, Parc de Montjuïc, s/n, 08038 Barcelona Telephone: +34 936220360
Romanesque Art, Gothic Art Collection, Renaissance and Baroque Art Collection, The Cambó Bequest, Thyssen Bornemisza Collection, Modern Art Collection, The Carmen Thyssen Bornemisza Collection, Cabinet of Drawings and Prints. The Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, abbreviated as MNAC, is the national museum of Catalan visual art located in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Situated on Montjuïc hill at the end of Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina, near Pl Espanya, the museum is especially notable for its outstanding collection of romanesque church paintings, and for Catalan art and design from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including modernisme and noucentisme.
Museu Picasso Carrer Montcada, 15-23, 08003 Barcelona Telephone: +34 932563000
The Museu Picasso , located in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, houses one of the most extensive collections of artworks by the 20th-century Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. With 4,251 works exhibited by the painter, the museum has one of the most complete permanent collections of works. Highlights of the collection include two of his first major works, The First Communion (1896), and Science and Charity (1897). In particular, the Museu Picasso reveals Picasso's relationship with the city of Barcelona, a relationship that was shaped in his youth and adolescence and continued until his death.
Palau de la Virreina La Rambla, 99, 08001 Barcelona Telephone: +34 933161000
The Virreina Palace (Catalan: Palau de la Virreina; Spanish: Palacio de la Virreina) is a building in the city of Barcelona. Situated on the famous La Rambla avenue, today it houses the headquarters of the city council's Culture Institute (Institut de Cultura de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona) and hosts various temporary art exhibitions and cultural events
Palau Robert Passeig de Gràcia, 107, 08008 Barcelona Telephone: +34 932388091
Palau Robert is a building on Barcelona's Passeig de Gràcia 107, the former private residence of Robert Robert i Surís, an influential aristocrat, politician and businessman at the turn of the 20th century. It's nowadays a government-run institution which hosts an exhibition centre with three halls, a concert hall, gardens as well as the Information Centre for Catalonia, including the city's tourism bureau. In the 1936-1939 period it was the site of the Generalitat de Catalunya's Ministry of Culture. After the Spanish Civil War, Robert's family regained the Palau, until its second purchase by the Generalitat de Catalunya (the Catalan government) in 1981, when it became a public building.


Cau Ferrat - Santiago Rusiñol's Davallada, 12 (3rd floor) 08870 Sitges Telephone: +34 938940364
Cau Ferrat, located in Sitges (in Catalonia in Spain), was the home and study of artist and writer Santiago Rusiñol, one of the most important figures of the Modernisme movement in Catalonia. It is one of the three museums in Sitges located on the shores of Sant Sebastià beach
Fundació Stämpfli Davallada, 12 (3rd floor) 08870 Sitges Telephone: +34 938940364
La Fundació Stämpfli gathers one of the most important contemporary art collections in Catalonia. Promoted by the couple formed by Pere and Anna Maria Stämpfli, the Foundation exhibits in its facilities, located in Plaça de l'Ajuntament de Sitges, a selection of the collection composed by 60 works by 90 artists from 22 nationalities.


Art Museum of the Province of Girona Pujada de la Catedral, 12, 17004 Girona Telephone: +34 972203834
The Gerona Art Museum is a museum founded in 1976 and located in the old episcopal palace of Gerona, next to the cathedral. In the museum one can contemplate in chronological order the Girona art through successive periods and styles: Romanesque , Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Realism, Modernism and Noucentisme.
Treasure Museum of the Cathedral of Girona Plaça de la Catedral, s/n 17004 Girona Telephone: +34 972427189
The Cathedral of Girona offers visitors an impressive collection of art: a large collection of altarpieces, a magnificent sanctuary with an 11th century altar and throne, a baldachin covering a large gold covered altar from the 16th century, and stained glass windows by Sean Scully, completed in 2011.


Josep Aragay Museum Carrer Nou, 2, 17400 Breda, Girona Telephone: +34 972870012
The museum is housed in the 12th century parish church of Santa Maria, of which the Romanesque apse and transept remain.
Municipal Museum of Tossa Plaça Roig i Soler, 1 17320 Tossa de Mar Telephone: +34 972340709
The Tossa de Mar Municipal Museum is located in the Old Town. Since it was founded in 1935, it has been located in the most noble building in the town: the Palau del Batlle de Sac. The Museum was founded with the aim of showing the works of art created by the artists who came to stay in Tossa due to the surrounding landscapes, which have always attracted painters. During the inter-war period, artists arrived in Tossa from around Europe


CaixaForum Lleida 25002, Avinguda de Blondel, 3, 25002 Lleida Telephone: +34 973270788
CaixaForum Lleida is a museum, cinema and art centre in Lleida (Catalonia, Spain). It is a private entity set up and funded by La Caixa, a savings bank based in Barcelona and part of the CaixaForum network of cultural centres.
Centre d'Art la Panera Plaça Panera, 2, 25002 Lleida Telephone: +34 973262185
Opened in 1997, with the introduction of the Leandre Cristòfol biennial, it is located in a building (the town's corn exchange) dating from the 12th century, in the medieval area of the town. Its individual exhibitions focus on contemporary art, especially Spanish artists, of which the museum includes a solid permanent collection, as well as educational activities and a documentation centre.
Lleida Museum Carrer del Sant Crist, 1, 25002 Lérida Telephone: +34 973283075
The museum was established in 1997, while the current building in Rambla d'Aragó was inaugurated in 2007. It assembles a variety of collections, including Roman, Islamic, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque art.
Petite Galerie Carrer del Penedès, 2, 25005 Lleida Telephone: +34 606598230
Petite Galerie was a short-lived alternative art gallery in Lleida, Catalonia, Spain. It existed between 1968 and 1974, during the last years of the Francoist dictatorship, and was especially relevant for being the first of its kind in Catalonia, offering exhibitions of avantgarde art.