Andy Warhol - Eight Elvises 1963

Andy Warhol Eight Elvises 1963

Eight Elvises 1963
200x370cm silkscreen on canvas
Sold for: USD 100.0 million
Auction house: Private sale via Philippe Ségalot
Sale date: October 2008
Seller: Annibale Berlingieri
Buyer: Possibly the State of Qatar

From :
Eight Elvises is composed of eight identical, overlapping images of Elvis Presley in cowboy attire, silkscreened over a silver background. The painting was originally a portion of a 37-foot long (11 m) piece, containing sixteen copies of Elvis, that was showcased in a 1963 exhibition at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles. The exhibition, Warhol's second at the Ferus, contained several other pieces using the same image of Elvis, as well as a series of head shots of Elizabeth Taylor. The images of Elvis were taken from a publicity still from the movie Flaming Star. When the gallery was dismantled, the section with eight images of Elvis became a distinct piece, measuring 6 1⁄2 by 12 feet (200 by 370 cm). While Warhol created 22 versions of the painting with two Elvises on it, known as Double Elvis (Ferus Type), only one piece titled Eight Elvises was created.