Andy Warhol - Turquoise Marilyn 1964

Andy Warhol Turquoise Marilyn 1964

Turquoise Marilyn 1964
101x101cm acrylic and silkscreen
Sold for: USD 80.0 million
Auction house: Private sale via Larry Gagosian
Sale date: 20 May 2007
Seller: Stefan Edlis
Buyer: Steven A. Cohen

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Warhol actually painted five colored Marilyns in 1964 with different colored backgrounds: red, orange, light blue, sage blue, and turquoise and he stored them at The Factory, his studio on East 47th Street in Manhattan. Dorothy Podber (1932–2008), a friend of Factory photographer Billy Name, saw the recently completed paintings stacked against one another at the studio and asked Warhol if she could shoot them. Believing that she meant she wanted to photograph the paintings, Warhol agreed. Podber doffed her pair of black gloves, withdrew a small revolver from her purse, and fired a shot into the stack of four "Marilyn" paintings, which became known as The Shot Marilyns. (The fifth painting with the turquoise background was not in the stack.)