A list of Museums and Art Galleries in Germany

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A list of Museums and Art Galleries in Hesse

Hesse - Museums and Art Galleries in Hesse, including non-profit art centers and galleries, government entities, and private businesses.

Hessisches Landesmuseum Friedenspl. 1, 64283 Darmstadt Telephone: +49 61511657000
Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt is a multidisciplinary museum in Darmstadt, Germany. The museum is especially noted for its natural history collections, for instance fossils from the nearby Messel pit and a historic American mastodon purchased by the Darmstadt naturalist Johann Jakob Kaup. It also features an important arts collection, including Pieter Brueghel the Elder's The Magpie on the Gallows.
Frankfurter Kunstverein Markt, 60311 Frankfurt am Main Telephone: +49 692193140
The Frankfurter Kunstverein was founded in 1829 and is one of the oldest and most respected art associations (Kunstvereine) in Germany. The internationally renowned exhibition venue for contemporary art has enjoyed a long and varied history. With an emphasis on the presentation of younger works and artistic approaches many pioneering artists and artistic trends have been discovered here.
German Architecture Museum Schaumainkai 43, 60596 Frankfurt am Main Telephone: +49 6921238844
The museum organises several temporary exhibitions every year, as well as conferences, symposia and lectures. It has a collection of ca. 180,000 architectural drawings and 600 models, including works by modern and contemporary classics like Erich Mendelsohn, Mies van der Rohe, Archigram and Frank O. Gehry. It also includes a reference library with approximately 25,000 books and magazines.
Liebieghaus Schaumainkai 71, 60596 Frankfurt am Main Telephone: +49 69605098200
Surrounded by one of Frankfurt’s most beautiful gardens, the Liebieghaus is home to a superb collection of some 3,000 sculptures dating from ancient Egypt to Neoclassicism. It is one of the world’s most prominent museums specializing in sculpture.
Museum für angewandte Kunst Schaumainkai 17, 60594 Frankfurt am Main Telephone: +49 6921234037
The Museum Angewandte Kunst is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and part of the Museumsufer. As a place of discovery, the Museum Angewandte Kunst focusses on the perception of currents and developments in society with a special emphasis on design, fashion and the performative element.
Museum Giersch Schaumainkai 83, 60596 Frankfurt am Main Telephone: +49 6913821010
The Museum Giersch is an art gallery on the Main River in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in the Museumsufer area. The museum opened in 2000. It hosts a changing series of exhibitions displaying the art and cultural history of the Rhine-Main area, with the aim of promoting the regions's cultural identity. The Museum Giersch displays works on loan from public and private collections. The range of exhibits covers all areas of painting, photography, sculpture and graphic art, as well as architecture and applied art.
Museum für Moderne Kunst Domstraße 10, 60311 Frankfurt am Main Telephone: +49 6921230447
With more than 4,500 artworks by artists of many nationalities, the MMK's collection is not just extensive; it is also extremly high-quality and diverse. Virtually no other German museum offers such a high concentration of outstanding contemporary art, and internationally as well, the MMK is regarded as one of the leading museums of modern and contemporary art.
Museum der Weltkulturen Schaumainkai 29-37, 60594 Frankfurt am Main Telephone: +49 6921231510
The Weltkulturen Museum holds a unique collection of 67,000 ethnographic artefacts from Oceania, Africa, South East Asia as well as from North, South and Central America. This is complemented by the collection visual anthropology of some 120,000 historical and contemporary ethnographic photos and films.
Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt Römerberg 6, 60311 Frankfurt am Main Telephone: +49 692998820
The SCHIRN is one of Germany's most renowned exhibition institutions showcasing major artist and survey shows with an incisive and contemporary voice.
Städel Schaumainkai 63, 60596 Frankfurt am Main Telephone: +49 69605098200
Established as a civic foundation in 1815 by the banker and businessman Johann Friedrich Städel, the Städel Museum ranks as Germany’s oldest museum foundation. Under a single roof, its collection offers a virtually complete survey of seven hundred years of European art from the early fourteenth century to the present, with focuses on the Renaissance, the Baroque, early Modern art and much more.
Fridericianum Friedrichspl. 18, 34117 Kassel Telephone: +49 5617072720
The Fridericianum is a museum in Kassel, Germany. Built in 1779, it is one of the oldest public museums in Europe. Since 1955 the quinquennial art festival documenta is centred on the site. The exhibition building itself was fully renovated by 1982. Ever since 1988, Fridericianum has continually hosted changing exhibitions of contemporary art. Since June 2013 Susanne Pfeffer has been director of the Fridericianum.
Klingspor Museum Herrnstraße 80, 63065 Offenbach am Main Telephone: +49 6980652164
The Klingspor-Museum is a museum in Offenbach, Germany, specializing in the art of modern book production, typography and type. It includes a collection of fine art books from Karl Klingspor, one of the owners of Klingspor Type Foundry in Offenbach am Main, which inspired the museum's creation.
Museum Wiesbaden Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2, 65185 Wiesbaden Telephone: +49 6113352250
Museum Wiesbaden is a museum in the Hessian capital Wiesbaden, Germany. Besides the museums in Kassel and Darmstadt, it is one of the three Hessian state museums. The museum comprises an art collection, a natural history collection and a collection of Nassauian antiquities.