A list of Museums and Art Galleries in the Mexico

A list of Museums and Art Galleries in Mexico

Mexico - Museums and Art Galleries in Mexico, including non-profit art centers and galleries, government entities, and private businesses.


Aguascalientes Museum Calle Gral. Ignacio Zaragoza 505, Zona Centro, 20000 Aguascalientes, Ags Telephone: +52 4499167142
The Aguascalientes City Museum is located in the City of Aguascalientes, in the state of Aguascalientes Mexico, as the premier art museum in the city. The Art museum contains works of many paintings and sculptures
Guadalupe Posada Museum Jardín del Encino s/n, El Encino, 20240 Aguascalientes, Ags Telephone: +52 4499154556
The José Guadalupe Posada Museum is located in the Mexican city of Aguascalientes, capital of the State of Aguascalientes, and birthplace of the graphic artist José Guadalupe Posada. The Museum displays the original signed printed plates with which he created his graphic images.
Museum of Contemporary Art Morelos s/n, Centro, 20000 Aguascalientes, Ags Telephone: +52 4499157953
The Aguascalientes Museum of Contemporary Art is an art gallery located in the city of Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico and has 6 galleries. In the "Jesús F. Contreras" gallery there are art works by contemporary Mexican artists. These were rewarded works from the Young Encounter of Arts; in another gallery is the work of Enrique Guzmán Villagómez, a recognized artist whose work is expressionist in nature. In the Arts Library gallery, there are works by photographers from a variety of backgrounds and styles.

Baja California

Tijuana Cultural Center Paseo de los Héroes 9350, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, B.C. Telephone: +52 6646879600
The Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT) is a center of Mexico on the border, the most important in the northwest region, the only institution of the National Council for Culture and the Arts outside the capital.

Baja California Sur

Museum of Saint Ignacio paintings Profr. Gilberto Valdivia Peña S/N , Col. San Ignacio Centro, C.P. 23930, Mulegé Telephone: (615) 154 0222, 122 89 80
he Museum of Cave Art of San Ignacio was inaugurated in November 1994 and it is located in the Mission of Saint Ignatius, an 18th century historical monument known as The Theater. It had several functions: it was religious settlement, retaining point against Chichimecas and alhondiga [a kind of warehouse].


Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo Positos 47, Zona Centro, 36000 Guanajuato, Gto Telephone: +52 4737321197
This space is dedicated to the memory of Diego Rivera


Museum of Guadalajara Art Calle Juárez, 975, Colonia Centro, 44100 Guadalajara, Jal. Telephone: +52 3331341664
Five rooms exhibiting a variegated collection of contemporary paintings and sculptures, excel artworks created by national and international artists. Besides, it has a permanent space reserved for exhibiting contemporary art from Jalisco
Museum of Zapopan Art Prol. 20 De Noviembre 166, Zapopan, 45100 Zapopan, Jal. Telephone: +52 3338182575
Presents permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as workshops. It is located in front of the Plaza Civica
Museum of the City of Guadalajara Independencia # 684, Zona Centro Guadalajara, Jalisco. C.P: 44100 Telephone: +52 3336582537
It has 8 rooms distributed on two levels on which pictures, objects and documents related to the historical, urban, ethnographical and artistic development of the City are exposed
Museo Raúl Anguiano Av Mariano Otero 375, Moderna, 44150 Guadalajara, Jal. Telephone: +52 3315928343
Raúl Anguiano Art Museum is the youngest and most modern of the museums in the Municipality of Guadalajara. The museum has inside three exhibition halls on two floors, a multipurpose hall for 70 people, a hall for the little ones called Niño Anguiano, with working and reading areas, outside it has a terrace or sculptures’ patio and 12 mural works by different artists in the perimeter of the museum’s façade.

Mexico City

Alameda Art Laboratory Doctor Mora 7, Centro, 06050 Cuauhtémoc Telephone: +52 5586475660
Mexico City's Laboratorio Arte Alameda is a major hub for art and technology. Electronic Arts, Moving Images, Electronic and Experimental Music, Sound Art, Digital Arts, Art & Science, Bio-Art, Maker and DIY Culture, Art & Education, Art & Science!
Alvar and Carmen T. de Carrillo Gil Museum of Art Av. Revolución 1608, Álvaro Obregón, 01000 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5586475450
The 1,581 works housed here represent a lifetime of art collecting and boast contemporary Mexican artists, highlighting the muralists, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco, along with works by Carillo Gill (1899-1974) himself and others.
Anahuacalli Museum Museo 150, San Pablo Tepetlapa 04620, Coyoacán, Ciudad de México Telephone: +52 5556173797
The unique museum was conceived and created by muralist, Diego Rivera, who, motivated by his own interest in Mexican culture, collected nearly 50,000 pre-Hispanic pieces during his life, and projected a building to place and exhibit them.
Blaisten Collection Museum Av. Ricardo Flores Magón 1, Tlatelolco, 06900 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: -
Collection is comprised of more than 8,000 works of art – including paintings, sculpture, drawings, and prints – first began collecting while studying painting at the Academy of San Carlos in Mexico City in the late 1960s.
Cárcamo de Dolores, Avenida Rodolfo Neri Vela S/N, Miguel Hidalgo, Bosque de Chapultepec II Secc, 11850 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5555150739
The Cárcamo de Dolores (Sump of Dolores) is a hydraulic structure located on the Second Section of Chapultepec Park, in Mexico City, comprising the building designed by architect Ricardo Rivas, inside the originally underwater mural Agua, el origen de la vida (Water, source of life) of Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, the art installation Cámara Lambdoma by Ariel Guzik, and in outside, the Tlaloc Fountain, also of Rivera.
Caricature Museum of Mexico 99 Donceles, Centro Donceles 99, Centro, 06020 Cuauhtemoc, CDMX Telephone: +52 5557040459
The Caricature Museum was inaugurated in 1987 to "preserve, reprint and disseminate artistic works realized by Mexican cartoonists over history." The museum also offers workshops dedicated to cartooning, and other types of drawing.
Casa del Lago Bosque de Chapultepec Primera Seccion S/N, Miguel Hidalgo, San Miguel Chapultepec I Secc, 11850 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5552116093
Cultural center
Casa Lamm Cultural Center Álvaro Obregón 99, Roma Norte, 06700 Cuauhtémoc, CDMX Telephone: +52 5555253938
Cultural center
Centro de la Imagen Plaza de la Ciudadela 2, Centro Histórico, 06000 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5541550850
Cultural center
Chopo University Museum Doctor Enrique González Martínez 10, Santa María la Ribera, 06400 Cuauhtémoc, CDMX Telephone: +52 5555468490
The Museo Universitario del Chopo (meaning, "poplar"; locally nicknamed Crystal Palace or simply El Chopo, in Spanish) (Chopo University Museum) is located at Doctor Enrique González Martínez Street in the Colonia Santa María la Ribera of Mexico City. It has collections in contemporary art, and is part of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).
Diego Rivera Mural Museum Calle Balderas y Colon S/N, Cuauhtémoc, Centro, 06000 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5515551900
This small museum is built primarily to house one of the Rivera’s most famous murals, pictured below: “Dream of a Sunday afternoon in Alameda Central Park,” painted in 1947. The museum provides a chart that helps the viewer understand who each of the multitude of figures in the painting represent.
Dolores Olmedo Patiño Museum Av México 5843, La Noria, 16030 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5555550891
Since the museum opened its doors to the public in September of 1994, its greatest treasure is its painting. The world’s most important collections of works by Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo are housed here permanently and are adored by the legions of visitors who flock to admire them.
Estanquillo Museum Isabel La Católica 26, Cuauhtémoc, Centro, 06000 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5555213052
The museum houses the personal collection of the writer Carlos Monsivais, encompassing paintings, photography, toys, albums, calendars, advertising and books
Ex Teresa Convent Modern Art Museum Lic. Primo Verdad 8 , Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 6060, México, Ciudad de México Telephone: (55) 55229093
Currently, it belongs to a non-profitable organization sponsored by the National Institute of Fine Arts. The phase as a cultural center began in 1993, after major structural adaptations which combine former and modern architecture.
Franz Mayer Museum Av. Hidalgo 45, Guerrero, 06300 Cuauhtemoc, CDMX Telephone: +52 5555182266
The Franz Mayer Museum (Spanish: Museo Franz Mayer), in Mexico City opened in 1986 to house, display and maintain Latin America’s largest collection of decorative arts.
Frida Kahlo Museum Londres 247, Del Carmen, Coyoacán, 04100 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5555545999
The Frida Kahlo Museum (Spanish: Museo Frida Kahlo), also known as the Blue House (La Casa Azul) for the structure's cobalt-blue walls, is a historic house museum and art museum dedicated to the life and work of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The museum contains a collection of artwork by Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and other artists along with the couple’s Mexican folk art, pre-Hispanic artifacts, photographs, memorabilia, personal items, and more.
Geles Cabrera Museum of Sculpture Calle Xicotencatl 181, Mexico City 04100, Mexico Telephone: +52 56883261
Geles Cabrera (born August 2, 1929 in Mexico City) is a Mexico City sculptor who has worked in a variety of materials, there is a museum dedicated to her work in the south of the city.
Guadalupe Basílica Museum Plaza de las Américas No. 1, Villa Gustavo A. Madero, 07050 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5551180500
The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a Roman Catholic church, basilica and National shrine of Mexico in the north of Mexico City.
Hellenic Cultural Institute of Mexico (Instituto Cultural Helénico) Av. Revolución 1500, Guadalupe Inn, 01020 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5541550919
Cultural center
House Studio of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo Diego Rivera 2, Altavista corner. Colonia San Ángel Inn. Álvaro Obregón, Mexico Telephone: +52 56160996
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House-Studio of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo is one of the most important cultural landmarks of Mexico City, both for being the place of residence and studios of two of the most important artists of the twentieth century, as well as being the first construction of the modern movement in the American continent.
Jesús Reyes Heroles Casa de Cultura – Coyoacan Av Francisco Sosa 202, Santa Catarina, 04010 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5555545324
Cultural center
José Luis Cuevas Museum Academia 13, Cuauhtémoc, Centro Histórico, 06060 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5555220156
By the late 1970s, artist José Luis Cuevas had gathered a large collection of modern artworks by Latin American artists, with the aim of establishing a museum in his name. The collection was kept in the storage facilities of the Carrillo Gil Museum as Cuevas looked for a suitable location for the collection. Having been born in the historic Centro district of Mexico City, Cuevas wanted the museum to be located there.
Jose Maria Velasco Gallery Peralvillo 55, Peralvillo, Morelos, 06200 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5586475300
With over 50 years of life, the José María Velasco Gallery is a must in every artist climbing up the rank with a steady career. Founded by the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA) on September 7, 1951 it was one of the four popular galleries created by the government in different parts of the city with the objective of distributing the culture.
Museo de Arte Moderno PASEO DE LA REFORMA Y GANDHI S/N, BOSQUE DE CHAPULTEPEC, Bosque de Chapultepec I Secc, 11560 Miguel Hidalgo, CDMX Telephone: +52 5586475530
The Museo de Arte Moderno or Museum of Modern Art is located in Chapultepec Park, Mexico City, Mexico. The museum is part of the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes and prepares exhibitions of national and international contemporary artists. The museum also hosts a permanent collection of art from Remedios Varo, Gelsen Gas, Frida Kahlo, Olga Costa, Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, José Clemente Orozco, Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Leonora Carrington, Rufino Tamayo, Juan Soriano, and Vicente Rojo.
Museo Archivo de la Fotografía República de Guatemala República de Guatemala 34, Centro Histórico, Centro, 06010 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5526167057
The museum is dedicated to the conservation, research and distribution of photography.
Museum of the Palace of Fine Arts Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas 127, Centro Histórico, Centro, 06000 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5575551521
The Palacio de Bellas Artes (Palace of Fine Arts) is a prominent cultural center in Mexico City. It has hosted some of the most notable events in music, dance, theatre, opera and literature and has held important exhibitions of painting, sculpture and photography. Consequently, the Palacio de Bellas Artes has been called the "Cathedral of Art in Mexico". The building is located on the western side of the historic center of Mexico City next to the Alameda Central park.
Museum of Popular Art Revillagigedo 11, Centro, 06050 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5555102201
The Popular Art Museum is a museum in Mexico City, Mexico that promotes and preserves part of the Mexican handcrafts and folk art. Located in the historic center of Mexico City in an old fire house, the museum has a collection which includes textiles, pottery, glass, piñatas, alebrijes, furniture and much more.
National Center of the Arts of Mexico Avenida Río Churubusco 79, Country Club, 04220 Coyoacán, CDMX Telephone: +52 5541550000
The National Center for the Arts(CENART) was created by the National Council for Culture and the Arts, nowadays Secretary of Culture, in November 1994. Its academic mission is to generate and explore new models and perspectives related to arts education, research and dissemination; to foster interdisciplinary arts; to promote coordination between new technologies and arts; and to develop spaces for academic and artistic cooperation between institutions from different systems and levels in Mexico and abroad.
National Museum of Art Calle Tacuba 8, Centro Histórico, 06010 Cuauhtemoc, CDMX Telephone: +52 5586475430
The Museo Nacional de Arte (MUNAL) (English: National Museum of Art) is the Mexican national art museum, located in the historical center of Mexico City. The museum is housed in a neoclassical building at No. 8 Tacuba, Col. Centro, Mexico City. It includes a large collection representing the history of Mexican art from the mid-sixteenth century to the mid 20th century.
National Museum of Cultures- Moneda 13 Centro Moneda Nº 13, Centro Histórico, 6010 Cuauhtémoc, CDMX Telephone: +52 5555420484
The Museo Nacional de las Culturas (MNC; National Museum of Cultures) is a national museum in Mexico City dedicated to education about the world's cultures, both past and present. It is housed in a colonial-era building that used to be the mint for making coins. Prior to this, the site was the home of the location of Moctezuma's "Black House."
Museo Nacional de las Culturas Populares Av Miguel Hidalgo No.289, Coyoacán, Del Carmen, 04000 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5541550920
Museo Nacional de las Culturas Populares (National Museum of Popular Cultures) is a museum in Mexico City dedicated to Mexico’s ethnic and cultural diversity. This diversity not only includes that of its indigenous peoples, but also those of its regions and socioeconomic strata. It was founded in 1982 by anthropologist Guillermo Bonfil Batalla at a time when the country was accepting and promoting its cultural diversity.
National Museum of Graphic Arts Avenida Hidalgo 39, Centro Histórico-Alameda Telephone: 5-521-2244
The Museo de la Estampa (Museum of Graphic Arts) is a museum in Mexico City, dedicated to the history, preservation and promotion of Mexican graphic arts. The word “estampa” means “engraving” or “printing” refers to works which have the quality of being reproducible and include seals, woodcuts, lithography and others.
Pinacoteca de la Profesa en el Templo de San Felipe Neri Calle Isabel la Catolica 21, Centro Histórico, Centro, 06000 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5555218362
The church is considered to be an important transitional work between the more sober or moderate Baroque style of the 17th century and the extremely decorated manifestations of the Baroque of the 18th century in Mexico
Rafael Solana Cultural Center esquina Fortuna, Av Instituto Politécnico Nacional sn, Magdalena de las Salinas, 07760 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5557473500
Cultural center
The Rufino Tamayo Museum Paseo de la Reforma 51, Bosque de Chapultepec, Bosque de Chapultepec I Secc, 11580 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5541228200
Museo Rufino Tamayo is a public contemporary art museum located in Mexico City’s Chapultepec Park, that produces innovative international contemporary art exhibitions, using its collection of modern and contemporary art, as well as artworks from the collection of its founder, the artist Rufino Tamayo.
San Angel Cultural Center– San Angel Alvaro Obregón, Av. Revolución S/n, San Angel, 01000 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5556161254
Cultural center
San Ildefonso Museum Justo Sierra 16, Centro Histórico, Centro, 06020 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5536020035
San Ildefonso College currently is a museum and cultural center in Mexico City, considered to be the birthplace of the Mexican muralism movement.
Siqueiros Cultural Polyforum Insurgentes Sur 701, Benito Juárez, Nápoles, 03810 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5555364520
The Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros is a cultural, political and social facility located in Mexico City as part of the World Trade Center Mexico City. It was designed and decorated by David Alfaro Siqueiros in the 1960s and hosts the largest mural work in the world called “La Marcha de la Humanidad.”
Siquieros Hall of Public Art Tres Picos #29, Col. Polanco. 11560, Polanco-Chapultepec Telephone: +52 5586475340
The Siqueiros Public Art Hall is a link between modernity and art. Its walls house the research work of the Mexican muralist through three actions: restoration, digitisation of the hall’s documentary record, as well as the search for art and current discourses related to the work of Siqueiros.
Soumaya Museum Boulervard Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 303, Granada, Miguel Hidalgo, 11529 Ciudad de México, CDMX Telephone: +52 5511039800
The Museo Soumaya, designed by the Mexican architect Fernando Romero, is a private museum in Mexico City. It is a non-profit cultural institution with two museum buildings in Mexico City - Plaza Carso and Plaza Loreto. It has over 66,000 works from 30 centuries of art including sculptures from Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica, 19th- and 20th-century Mexican art and an extensive repertoire of works by European old masters and masters of modern western art such as Auguste Rodin, Salvador Dalí, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo and Tintoretto. It is considered one of the most complete collections of its kind.
Spanish Cultural Center – Centro Pasaje cultural Guatemala 18-Donceles 97, Mexico City 06010, Mexico Telephone: 55211925
This center promotes art exposition of various Mexican and Spanish artists, and include works by younger, more experimental artists as well as established ones. It also contains a small café upstairs and a gift shop downstairs.
UNAM Sculpture Space Mario de La Cueva s/n, Col. Ciudad Universitaria. 04510, Ciudad Universitaria Telephone: +52 5556227008
A fascinating space located inside the ecological reserve of the Ciudad Universitaria. It comprises a walk that integrates art and ecology. The center is a tezontle (volcanic rock) ring with black lava soil. Metal sculptures that contrast sharply with the landscape emerge from the scree.
University Museum of Sciences and Arts Tonalá #51, Col. Roma. 06700, Roma Telephone: +52 5555110925
The Sciences and Arts University Musesum (Museo Universitario de Ciencias y Arte) is an exhibition space for works that merge artistic expression and scientific signs.
Watercolor Museum (Museo de la Acuarela), Villa Coyoacan Calle Salvador Novo 88, Santa Catarina, 04000 Coyoacán, CDMX Telephone: +52 5555541801
The Alfredo Guati Rojo National Watercolor Museum (Museo Nacional de Acuarela Alfredo Guati Rojo) was the first museum in the world dedicated specifically to watercolor painting. It is located in the Coyoacán borough of Mexico City, in a former private house which was donated to the museum by the city government.


Museum of Popular Arts and Industries Enseñanza SN, Centro, 61600 Pátzcuaro, Mich Telephone: +52 4343421029
It is located in what was the Colegio de San Nicolas Obispo, although the original building is very little, dating from the XVI century. He working as a school, inn, neighborhood elementary school among other things, in 1942 became the INAH Museum Network.


David Alfaro Siqueiros Home and Workshop Venus 52 Col. Jardines de Cuernavaca, C.P. 62360, Cuernavaca Telephone: -
David Alfaro Siqueiros (born José de Jesús Alfaro Siqueiros, December 29, 1896, in Chihuahua – January 6, 1974, in Cuernavaca, Morelos) was a Mexican social realist painter, better known for his large murals in fresco. Along with Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco, he established "Mexican Muralism."
Brady Museum (private art collection) Netzahualcóyotl 4, Cuernavaca Centro, Centro, 62000 Cuernavaca, Mor Telephone: +52 7773188554
This collection was assembled by Robert Brady (1928-1986). Born in Iowa with a career in the fine arts at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Tyler Arts Center of Temple University and the Barnes Foundation in Merion, Pennsylvania, he established residence in Venice, Italy for five years before settling in Cuernavaca, Mexico in 1962.

Nuevo León

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MARCO) (Contemporany Museum of Art), Monterrey Calle Juan Zuazua s/n, Centro, 64000 Monterrey, N.L. Telephone: +52 8182624500
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey ((in English): Museum of Contemporary Art, Monterrey), abbreviated as MARCO, is a major art museum, located in the city of Monterrey, in Nuevo León state of northeastern Mexico. The permanent collection of the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey−MARCO is composed of paintings, sculptures, installations, and graphic artworks. The collection is primarily contemporary Latin American artworks, by Mexican and Latin American artists. There are also works by artists in Europe, the United States, and Canada in the permanent collection


Cultural Centre of Oaxaca in the Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán Calle Macedonio Alcalá 505, RUTA INDEPENDENCIA, Centro, 68000 Oaxaca, Oax. Telephone: +52 9515162991
The rooms that formerly constituted the monastery now house the Cultural Centre of Oaxaca, which was founded with the help of Oaxacan-born artist Francisco Toledo. This museum includes an important collection of pre-Columban artefacts, among them the contents of Tomb 7 from the nearby Zapotec site of Monte Albán.
Museo de las Culturas de Oaxaca Macedonio Alcalá s/n, Centro, 68000 Oaxaca, Oax Telephone: +52 9515162991
The Museo de las Culturas is part of a larger complex known as the Central Cultural de Santo Domingo.
Rufino Tamayo Museum (Museum of Prehispanic Art) Morelos 503, Centro, 68000 Oaxaca, Oax Telephone: +52 9515167617
A collection created by the painter Rufino Tamayo; he created this important museum in order to make it known. The colors used in the five rooms of the exhibition are tones chosen by the maestro Tamayo, who frequently used them in their pictorial works.
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca (Museum of Contemporary Art) Calle Macedonio Alcalá 202, Centro, 68000 Oaxaca, Oax Telephone: +52 9515141055
The MACO’s permanent collection includes an archive of modern art made up of works by Francisco Toledo, Rodolfo Nieto and Francisco Gutiérrez as well as sculptures and paintings by Oaxacan and Mexican contemporary artists.
Museo de los Pintores Oaxaqueños (Museum of Oaxacan Painters) Av. de la Independencia & Calle de Manuel García Vigil, RUTA INDEPENDENCIA, Centro, 68000 Oaxaca, Oax Telephone: +52 9515143433
The Oaxacan painters museum is a space that celebrates the art and creativity of these, and other less well-known but also extremely talented artists from this southern Mexican state.
Museo Philatélica de Oaxaca (Stamp Museum) Reforma 504, Centro, 68000 Oaxaca, Oax Telephone: +52 9515142375
As of a temporary exhibition organized in 1996 by the Institute of Graphic Arts in Oaxaca about Numismatics and Philately of Oaxaca, the importance of the subject became clear and the positive response among the public gave rise to the creation of the Museum of Philately of Oaxaca.
Instituto de Artes Gráficas de Oaxaca Calle Macedonio Alcalá 507, Centro, 68000 Oaxaca, Oax. Telephone: +52 9515166980
The Graphic Arts Institute of Oaxaca (Spanish: Instituto de Artes Gráficas de Oaxaca) is a school of art located in the city of Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca, Mexico. The institute was founded by artist Francisco Toledo and hosts a large collection of artwork from Latin America.
Museo Estatal de Arte Popular de Oaxaca Independencia s/n, 1a Sección Barrio La Calera, 71256 San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oax. Telephone: +52 9515510036
The Museo Estatal de Arte Popular de Oaxaca (State Museum of Popular Art of Oaxaca) or MEAPO is a small museum in the municipality of San Bartolo Coyotepec just south of the city of Oaxaca in Mexico. It is run by the state of Oaxaca to showcase the entity’s handcrafts and folk art tradition, through its permanent collection, online “cyber-museum,” collaboration with national and international entities, and sponsorship of events such as craft markets, conferences, and temporary exhibitions.


Amparo Museum Av 2 Sur 708, Centro, 72000 Puebla, Pue Telephone: +52 2222293850
Museo Amparo’s Permanent Collection is articulated within two main areas: Pre-Columbian Art, Viceregal and 19th century Art, with a collection of contemporary Mexican art currently in development.
Museo Poblano de Arte Virreinal Calle 4 Nte 203, Centro, 72000 Puebla, Pue Telephone: +52 2222324296
A former hospital, this 16th century building has had several functions: currently a museum of art.

State of Mexico

Watercolor Museum Melchor Ocampo 105 , Col. La Merced (Alameda), C.P. 50080, Toluca, Estado de México Telephone: (722) 214 7304
Its 12 areas include halls dedicated to native and adoptive watercolor artists from the State of Mexico, such as Pastor Velásquez, Vicente Mendiola, Edgardo Coghlan, Ignacio Barrios y Ángel Mauro, artists who has contributed to the cultural enrichment of the state. It also counts with the State of Mexico Hall where watercolors from the National Watercolor Contest are displayed related to touristic themes of the State of Mexico, a Donation Hall, a Temporary Exhibit Hall, coffee shop and workshop area.
Museo Felipe Santiago Gutiérrez Calle Nicolás Bravo Norte 103, Centro, 50000 Toluca de Lerdo, Méx Telephone: +52 7222132647
The Museum its located in a late 18th century and early 19th building, it offers a collection of 225 works in oil, watercolor and drawing, showing the different stages of Gutierrez’s artistic life.
Luis Nishizawa Workshop Museum Calle Nicolás Bravo Sur 305, Centro, 50000 Toluca de Lerdo, Méx Telephone: +52 7222157465
Created in 1945 by Mr. Isidro Fabela, State Governor during those years, this is the oldest museum in Toluca and it is part of the Convent of the Discalced Carmelites of the Immaculate Conception of the New Spain Convent.


Pinacoteca Diego Rivera J. J. Herrera 5, Centro, 91000 Xalapa Enríquez, Ver. Telephone: +52 2288181819
Pinacoteca Diego Rivera is an art gallery in the city of Xalapa, in Veracruz state, of eastern Mexico. Located near the City Hall and Parque Juárez in the downtown area of the city, it has the widest collection of Diego Rivera's paintings in all of Mexico.
Veracruz Institute of Culture Canal S/N , esquina con Zaragoza, Col. Veracruz Centro, C.P. 91700, Veracruz Telephone: (229) 931 6982
The Cultural Institute of Veracruz has the objectives of preserving and spreading in the state, national and international fields the cultural tangible and intangible heritage as well as encouraging the exchange and circulation of cultural products for the knowledge, recognition and enrichment of the culture of Veracruz.
Archivo y Galería del Arte Juárez No. 68 Centro CP 91000, Xalapa, Veracruz Telephone: 8188238


Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Ateneo de Yucatán (MACAY) Pasaje de La Revolución 58-60, Centro, 97000 Mérida, Yuc Telephone: +52 9999283191
Fernando Garcia Ponce - MACAY Museum is the only one dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of modern and contemporary art throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.
Museo de Arte Popular Calle 50-A #487 x Calle 57, Centro, 97000 Mérida, Yuc. Telephone: +52 9999285263
The Popular Art Museum (Museo de Arte Popular) presents a representative sample of the work of the great artisans of the country, including the excellent Yucatecan artists, who maintain the most authentic artistic expression alive in Mexico with their work.


Museo Manuel Felguérez Cristóbal Colón, Zacatecas Centro, 98000 Zacatecas, Zac Telephone: +52 4929243705
Set up in the old Conciliar Seminar of the Immaculate Conception (19th century) and that later would be the State Penitentiary, tody houses a museum with the work of more than 110 Mexican and foreigner artists with a career in abstract art.