A list of Museums and Art Galleries in China

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A list of Museums and Art Galleries in Tibet Autonomous Region, Xinjiang, Yunnan

Tibet Autonomous Region, Xinjiang, Yunnan - Museums and Art Galleries in Tibet Autonomous Region, Xinjiang, Yunnan including non-profit art centers and galleries, government entities, and private businesses.

Tibet Museum 19 Luobulinka Rd, Chengguan Qu, Lasa Shi, Xizang Zizhiqu Telephone: +868916835244
The Tibet Museum is the official museum of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China in Lhasa. Inaugurated on October 5, 1999, it is the first large, modern museum in the Tibet Autonomous Region.[1] It has a permanent collection related to the cultural history of Tibet. The museum has a collection of around 1000 artefacts, from examples of Tibetan art to architectural design throughout history such as Tibetan doors and beams.
Khotan Cultural Museum 342 Beijing W Rd, Hetian Shi, Hetian Diqu, Xinjiang Weiwuerzizhiqu Telephone: +869032519286
Hotan Cultural Museum or Hetian Cultural Museum is a museum in Hotan, Xinjiang, China. Founded in 1995, it has a range of silk fragments, wooden utensils and jewelry, and mummified corpses of a 10-year-old girl and a 35-year-old man with Eurasian faces, believed to be over 1,500 years old.
Yunnan Provincial Museum 6393 Guangfu Rd, Guandu Qu, Kunming Shi, Yunnan Sheng Telephone: +8687167286863
Yunnan Provincial Museum is located in Kunming, on Guangfu Road. It houses an exhibition centered on Yunnan's ethnic minorities, as well as a collection of artifacts from tomb excavations at Jinning on the southern rim of Lake Dian.